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Dizzy Disc Original
Dizzy Disc Original
Dizzy Disc Original
Dizzy Disc Original
Dizzy Disc Original
Dizzy Disc Original
Dizzy Disc Original
Dizzy Disc Original

Dizzy Disc

Dizzy Disc Original

  • For Kids 3+ years old, Create hours of fun for kids to release pent up energy spinning as they sit, kneel and lie on their stomachs. It's fun, the ultimate fidget toy for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Uses 360 degree tilting rotation which has a calming effect through spinning as well as several other health benefits
  • Portable space saving design is light weight with built in handles bring it along and store with ease
  • Improves balance, posture, coordination and core strength as well as both fine and gross motor skills
  • Dizzy Disc is light weight and has a 16 wide non-skid surface platform and adjustable tilt suit all skill levels

This is NOT just a FLAT Spinner or a Cheaply made toy. Our Dynamic design
offers multiple planes of movement unlike other So-Called Competitors which
ours has many MORE benefits through productive play! The Dizzy Disc Family of
Products for 20 years has provided the quality assurance needed for kids
needing Spinning action that is built to last. The Dizzy Disc Design offers a
360 degree rotational disc platform which also has a built in lever that
allows for an adjustable slope which enables each child to set the angle at
their own skill level. This Patented design originally developed by creative
learning educators, was created to help stimulate the senses through movement.
All kids’ can approach the Dizzy Disc at their own pace and use an open ended
play approach using the Dizzy Disc to sit, kneel, and lie on their tummy.
Dizzy Disc can be played indoors or outdoors; it's portable enough at 8+ lbs
to take with you to grandma’s house with its easy to carry built-in handle.
The Dizzy Disc Products create hours of fun for kids to release pent up energy
which has a calming effect through spinning. This durable toy has been used by
therapists and teachers nationwide to help kids’ develop strength, balance,
coordination, spatial awareness and build gross and fine motor skills. Dizzy
Disc Products will grow with your child’s movement needs. Children who don’t
get enough play time, especially physical activity, often have a hard time
sitting still, focusing on tasks or school work, calming down, falling asleep
or managing their own emotions or behaviors. This is where sensory integration
therapy and sensory-based toys become extremely beneficial for all kids. Dizzy
Disc is an excellent sensory stimulating product that activates the vestibular
system (the receptors in the inner ear that detect movement) to improve
personal balance, posture, attention and awareness of their body in space (so
kids are less clumsy and more attentive). Dizzy Disc surface platform for