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govino DWS Champagne Flute 8 oz 2 pack
govino DWS Champagne Flute 8 oz 2 pack
govino DWS Champagne Flute 8 oz 2 pack
govino DWS Champagne Flute 8 oz 2 pack
govino DWS Champagne Flute 8 oz 2 pack


govino DWS Champagne Flute 8 oz 2 pack

  • The govino Dishwasher Safe Champagne Flute tote includes a set of two, 8-ounce, Dishwasher Safe Champagne Flutes that are shatterproof, reusable and recyclable
  • Made of Tritan, an ultra-thin, flexible BPA-free polymer, the govino Dishwasher Safe Champagne Flutes reflect a wines color and projects its aromatics much like fine crystal
  • govino products feature a graceful profile; stemless with a patented ergonomic thumb-notch and contoured base... for a firm grip
  • Place in the top rack of your dishwasher to maintain the luster of your govino Champagne Flute. Each Glass measures: 2 X 2 X 5
  • govino is proudly made in the USA

Always shatterproof, always reusable, and ultimately
recyclable. Go Anywhere... govino. Shatterproof, reusable and ultimately
recyclable. govino invites you to join us in eliminating the waste caused by
single-use plastic, one govino at a time. govino is the original Go Anywhere
wine glass that was developed as an industry trade tool to help professional
salespeople showcase their wines whenever and wherever proper stemware wasn't
accessible. Upon our debut in 2008, govino quickly began "bouncing" off
shelves from venues as diverse as Dean & Deluca in Napa Valley to MoMA in NYC.
govino received the prestigious Silver International Design Excellence Award
from the International Design Society of America, the GOOD DESIGN Award from
the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, and the Pantone
Award. govino’s iconic design features a patented, ergonomic thumb-notch and
contoured base, making it immediately recognizable. From day one, govino has
been committed to reducing the waste caused by single-use plastics through
reuse. In 2015 we introduced our dishwasher safe line to further encourage
reuse and water conservation. In 2019 we will continue to deliver to our
commitment and follow through with a closed-loop recycling system. govino is
proudly made in the USA and is comprised of the highest quality, BPA-free
polymers, which reflect the flavor profiles and aromatics of wine, beer,
spirits and cocktails, as well as all other beverages. Manufacturing
domestically allows us to maintain our high standards for quality while
helping to minimize our carbon footprint. Not disposable. govino is the
solution to the waste cause created by single-use plastics. govino is the
original go anywhere wine glass. Loved and respected by wine professionals and
average consumers alike the world over. Elevating the wine experience...
govino goes where fragile stemware cannot, without sacrificing elegance and
function.Through a lens of constant refinement, meticulous polymer selections,
and state-of-the-art manufacturing, govino’s distinguished silhouette makes
our quality, experience and commitment to reuse instantly recognizable.govino
is made in the USA, which means the sourcing of the highest quality polymers,
the most refined and regulated quality control standards, and a MINIMAL CARBON
FOOTPRINT.govino is innovative and environmentally concious. We have been at
the forefront of eliminating the waste caused by single-use plastics. This has
been a pillar of our purpose since 2008.govino takes the responsibility of
working with plastics very seriously. We are not disposable. REUSE. REUSE,
REUSE, REUSE.1 govino = 250+ single-use plastic cups! Read more FAQs Q. Is
govino BPA-free and recyclable? A: All govino products are comprised of a
flexible, highly durable, BPA/BPS-free polymer. A: All govino products can be
recycled with most plastics, including PET bottles and containers. Q. Why is
there a dent in my govino??? A. Think thumb! Our patented thumb-notch,
combined with our contoured base, makes swirling most simple and helps prevent
your fingers from smudging the bowl of the glass! How do I care for my
Dishwasher Safe govino products? Our DISHWASHER SAFE line of products are
durable enough to withstand both domestic and commercial dishwashers (TOP RACK
ONLY). To avoid clouding and smudging, remove lip-gloss and sunscreen with a
soft, non-abrasive sponge prior to placing in the dishwasher. We also
recommend turning the heated drying cycle off. Buff dry with a lint-free cloth
or paper towel instead. What is the difference between govino Festival
(Classic) and Dishwasher Safe? Our Festival line is intended to be hand-
washed, reused and ultimately recycled. It is ideal for outdoor settings and
outdoor venues. It is also perfectly suitable for homes and businesses without
access to dishwashers. Our Dishwasher Safe line is designed for the rigors of
domestic and commercial dishwashers. It is comprised of Tritan, which
maintains its shape and luster after repeated washing cycles. Read more
Artfully crafted shatterproof glassware that can never be outmatched Read more
Thank you for joining us in combating the waste caused by single-use plastics,
one govino at a time.