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Lucky Bums Easy Wedge Ski Training Aid, Pink

Lucky Bums

Lucky Bums Easy Wedge Ski Training Aid, Pink

  • MOST RELIABLE- Made with more a durable bungee style cord, reinforced plastic mold, and wider clamp area to fit today's wider ski tips
  • INCREASED CONTROL- Helps kids form a wedge with their skis to turn, control speed, and keep ski tips from spreading out, making the day on the slopes more fun
  • EASY TO USE- To attach and detach simply slide the black clamp over the inside edge of each ski tip and tighten the thumb screw
  • PORTABLE- Keep the Easy Wedge in your pocket and for use whenever your kids try new or more aggressive terrain

 Snowplow Know How

Help your little skier master the art of turning and speed control with our handy Fall Line Easy Wedge.

Attach and detach easily with our newly designed "jaw clamp" system.

Control is key to any new skier. The Easy Wedge helps the skier maintain the wedge position to make turning easier. When used together with the Luckybums Ski Trainer, you have the most comprehensive system for teaching kids to ski in a safe, controlled, and fun environment!