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Spot it: 123!
Spot it: 123!
Spot it: 123!
Spot it: 123!


Spot it: 123!

  • Preschoolers learn to identify numbers and basic shapes with Spot it!
  • There is always one and only one match between any two cards; Spot it to win!
  • Spot it! develops visual skills including form constancy perception, scanning and focus

Spot it! 123 is a fun and rewarding way for preschoolers to learn their one,
two, threes and the shapes that inhabit our world. This educational game is
truly amazing! There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any
two cards. Spot it to win! The tiny durable tin contains 30 cards, each
featuring a variety of 6 colorful symbols. Symbols include the numbers 1
through 9 and basic geometric shapes such as squares and circles. As they
search for matches, little ones will visually and verbally identify numbers
and shapes, the building blocks of math. The matching symbol needs to be the
same color so color recognition is also reinforced. There are 5 ways to play
with different challenge levels. The rule booklet includes advanced play tips
for little learners ready to explore simple arithmetic and the properties of